Daniel Vila-Suero

Daniel Vila-Suero is the UPM leader of the project He participated in the W3CLibrary Linked Data Incubator Group, where he was the main editor of one of the reports published by the group. He currently participates in the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group andthe IFLA Semantic Web Special Interest Group.

Previously, he has worked as a software engineer with a focus on web projects, especially in Germany where he has participated both as a developer and technical leader in a number of projects within the cultural and media domain (portals, web services, e-commerce solutions, etc.)

Mathieu d’Aquin

I am a research fellow at the Knowledge Media institute (KMi) of the Open University in MiltonKeynes, UK. The major common point between all my research activities is the Semantic Web, and especially methods and tools to build intelligent applications relying on formalisedknowledge distributed online. I have especially been involved in the development of the Watson Semantic Web search engine, and in many applications of its APIs.

As part of several projects, I have worked on many aspects of building and exploiting the Semantic Web, including ontology building, ontology modularization, ontology matching, ontology evolution, ontology publication, etc. More recently, I have been working on aspects related to the use of semantic technologies and the Semantic Web for monitoring and managing online personal information, as well to the realisation of applications producing and consuming linked data (see the LUCERO project which I am directing).

Asunción Gómez-Pérez

She is the director of the Ontology Engineering Group at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. She led at UPM the following EU projects: Ontoweb, Esperonto,Knowledge Web, NeOn, SEEMP, OntoGrid, ADMIRE, DynaLearn, SemSorGrid4Env, SEALS and MONNET. She coordinated OntoGrid and the projects SemSorGrid4Env and SEALS. She is also leading at UPM projects funded by Spanish agencies.

She has published more than 150 papers and she is author of one book on Ontological Engineering and co-author of a book on Knowledge Engineering. She has been co-director of the summer school on Ontological Engineering and the Semantic Web since 2003 up to now. She reviews papers in many conferences and journals.